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RIME Interchangeable Pulser Driver

• Compatible and used with Bench Tree Pulser mechanical end
• Extended capability, adjustable travel distance and anti-jam behavior options
• Highly configurable, current limit and safe travel extents
• Complete logging capability, Gamma, Shock, Vibration, Temperature, Voltage
• Hall Sensor feedback drive
• High reliability phase drivers
• Built in three axis flow switch
• Exceptional ShockIsolation
• Extensive data analysis and reporting capability

RIME/Tercel/Lord Shock Dampener

• Effective Shock and Vibration mitigation
• Fully Retrievable and Re-insertable
• 165C, 20,000 PSI Rated
• Optimized Hydraulics
• Rugged Splined Shaft
• Robust Sealing System
• High Load Variable Rate Springs
• Reliable Hydrostatic Compensation

Bench Tree ACE Package

Resync– feature that retransmits the sync pulses and header information at the end of every survey and logging sequence. This improves synchronization for the next sequence.
Real‐time Inclination (RIncTM) – feature that provides inclination measurements while rotating or sliding, enabling the monitoring of borehole trajectory between survey stations.
ShockView™– real‐time system for monitoring potentially damaging shock & vibration while drilling.
Raw Value Surveys (6‐axis surveys) – the receiver and software can calculate all survey values (inclination, azimuth, qualifiers) from the tool transmitting only individual Ax, Ay, Az, Mx, My, Mz values. The individual sensor values display with higher decimal precision, and can be used for correctional algorithms.
New Gamma Recording Settings – feature provides configurability of continuous, high‐resolution gamma recording to downhole memory.
Miscellaneous Improvements –

The compass rose window now shows the MDec value

The WITS output now supports the following: Azm, DipA, MagF, Grav, BatV, generic variables, sensor telemetry, and uncorrected gamma

The TFO Utility has visual improvements, serial numbers, and printability

Memory Access retains partial downloads, and continues downloading the remaining logs in the event of a partial download

Real-time Azimuth – coming soon…