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• “Unified Telemetry” – Electromagnetic (“EM”) up to 16 bps and Mud Pulse up to 1.67 bps incorporated into one MWD system.
• 13.7ft in length with performance parameters that meet or exceed conventional MWD systems.
• More than redundancy for reliability; data transmits simultaneous & independent on both channels giving us the ability to diagnose the status of each communication system for maximum functionality and optimal data communications.
• The strongest EM system in the industry – constantly setting new basin and depth benchmarks for EM telemetry.
• Design is simple, rugged & reliable

Unified Telemetry

Two integrated telemetries in a 15.5ft carrier which can be run independently or unified

•Multiple configurations for both telemetries (8 EM and 8 Pulse)
•EM transmission (up to 16Hz –16 bps)
•MP transmission (up to 1.67 bps) –working on 2Hz (2 bps)
•Independentand configurable power settings for each telemetry
•6 Axis raw survey values on both telemetries
•Tool Diagnostics via the opposite telemetry (i.e.. MP provides info on EM transmission while in unified and vice versa)
•Downlinkvia rotary or pumps (EM downlink release expected soon)

Locked down in a proprietary carrier system

• Slick probe, the same tool runs in all carrier sizes 8”, 6.5” and 4.75” carrier sizes reducing fleet requirements
• High dogleg capabilities
• Horizontal tool loading saves significant time when picking up and running in
• Large I.D. allows for more powerful pulse motor to manage LCD and large diameter gamma crystal for very high resolution Gamma (real time and recorded)

Unique centralization and stabilization system

• Removes the requirement for fin based centralization
• Createsa dynamic fluid dampening system capable of managing high shock environments
• Enableshigher flow velocities reducing damage from turbulent flow

Numerous other features and benefits

•Real Time shock and Vibe
•Bore Pressure and Temperature
•Highlyreliable Continuous Inclination
•ContinuousAz under development (currently recorded only)

Pulser Highlights

• Anti-Jam feature built with LCM in mind.
• Pulserdetects obstruction and activates the anti-jam sequence and charges capacitor bank.
• With capacitor fully charged, the stored power is released and the rotor applies 120 in/lbs. of torque.
• Anti-Jamsequence consists of rotor moving to open position while capacitor bank charges, then hits three times and returns to the open position and repeats until the obstruction clears.