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Electrical Infrastructure Services

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Our infrastructure services provides construction, upgrade, maintenance and repair services to the electrical infrastructure industry. We offer a broad range of services for electric transmission and distribution, or fiber networks and substation facilities, which include EPC services, upgrade, maintenance and repair and underground distribution system.


We build and service major assets for many of the nation’s largest utilities, regional cooperatives and municipalities.

Our transmission division offers electrical transmission upgrades and new construction services, including barehand live-line methods up to 345 kV and hot stick methods up to 230 kV. We self-perform fiber/OPGW installation, splicing and testing. Along with our affiliate companies, we offer engineering and aerial construction services to provide a single solution for our customers.



We have built and maintained numerous underground and
overhead distribution lines.

Our distribution division works closely with our clients to build, improve and maintain a wide range of distribution networks, including both overhead and underground systems and voltages. Our capabilities include, but are not limited to, pole replacements, lead cable slicing and repair, live line work, primary and secondary conductor transfers, switching, replacement of transformers and the installation and transfer of underground primary and secondary conductors.

Street Lights

We have the ability to repair, install and upgrade lighting systems, while conserving as much energy and cost as possible.

We offer both new construction of street lighting circuits as well as maintenance of existing street lighting. Our crews have experience with various types of street lighting projects which generally include trenching/boring to accommodate installation of new conduit, installation of new secondary conductor, and installation of new decorative metal poles, lights and other smart system components. Aesthetics are a high priority to our customers. We have the capability to provide complete lighting and energy audits for LED energy-efficiency upgrades.



We maintain an industry-wide reputation as the single source solution for comprehensive substation construction and maintenance needs.

We provide complete EPC services for substations (including GIS) and commissioning of high-voltage substations and related equipment. Our skilled substation technicians, combined with our fleet of specialized equipment for low-overhead clearances, provide construction services to utilities, municipalities, electric cooperatives and industrial customers for substations ranging from 12.5kV to 500kV.


Our company is driven to perform and aid in every aspect of a project ranging from conceptual design, engineering, construction, and surveying. Our rapidly growing company employs engineers, designers, surveyors, and project managers.

We pride ourselves on our ability to perform any aspect of a project; from preliminary electric T&D line routing & natural gas pipeline conceptual design to detailed T&D line design, pipeline design, and construction support up through project as-built and close-out stages. We can support and run your projects with expertise.