Tools and Services

Panther Drilling Systems Downhole Motors
  • PDS Motor features allow our customers to operate in the harshest of conditions such as: high temperatures, high solids contents, LCM, and high chlorides in the fluid system
  • Hard elastomer stators
  • Sealed and tapered API thread profiles
  • Rotor catch devices
  • Adjustable or fixed bend housings
  • Slick, stabilized, or near bit kick pads
  • Short bit to bend
  • Torque locked connections
  • Laser measured technology rotors
  • Hard chrome plating and tungsten carbide coating rotors available
  • Variety of transmissions available
  • Robust bearing sections with polished steel thrust bearings and tungsten carbide radial bearings




  • Utilizes the latest in MWD and EM MWD technology


In-House Maintenance
  • Ability to meet operators needs in most environments through various types of electromechanical pulsers
  • Tolteq and Benchtree Pulsers
  • Retrievable
  • Re-seatable
  • DC Motor and Solenoid Driven
  • 175ºC Temperature Rating
  • APS Pulsers
  • Designed for High LCM Concentration
  • DC Stepper Motor Driven
  • Anchored Above the Monel Collar as opposed to Above
  • 175ºC Temperature Rating
  • Provides Gamma Ray detection services resulting in real time formation evaluation and professional EOW logs
  • Detects Gamma Radiation Emitted by All Formations
  • 360º Detection
  • Incorporation of duel axis vibration monitoring tool allows for early detection of excessive shock and vibration in order to mitigate damage of the MWD equipment and BHA while optimizing ROP



Our state of the art low cost rotary steerable is a 4-blade push-the-bit closed loop design. The 23’ compact design houses inclination and azimuth 3’ from the bit. LCRS continuously proves to lower cost per foot significantly.


In-House Maintenance

Panther Drilling Systems utilizes a custom built state of the art service facility to perform in-house maintenance on our downhole equipment.


Motor Service Facility

PDS owns cutting edge service equipment, which is well maintained and calibrated at regular intervals. Panther owns the highest quality torque machine available which stores all connection torque values in a database made available for our customers.

Panther’s motor service center is led by 40 years of experience in the motor service industry. PDS technicians are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to meet customer needs and react to any situation in a timely manner.

Panther adheres to the strict maintenance policies and procedures, which meet and often exceed industry standards. Every motor used is completely serviced to the maximum level regardless of run time or conditions. Only certified third party inspectors perform non-destructive testing on every used motor. All service is documented and all major component history is tracked from cradle to grave.


MWD Service Facility

Panther’s MWD maintenance program was generated and implemented from the ground up incorporating the latest technology in test equipment, both manual and automated, specifically designed for the downhole tool components used by Panther.

The personnel selected to perform MWD maintenance for PDS have a vast knowledge in both surface and downhole aspects of the components utilized. This invaluable experience allows for all components to operate at their maximum potential resulting in reliable and efficient MWD data collection and interpretation.

All components are thoroughly tested with heat and vibration simulation as well as 25 point calibration tests with directional sensors on a normal well to well usage cycle. The Gamma Ray detection tools are calibrated to API specifications each time they are cycled through the maintenance facility to ensure accuracy at the well site each and every time.