Panther Drilling Systems was founded in December 2012. Based out of Oklahoma City, Panther grew its footprint from the Mid Continent to the Northeast, Permian Basin, and Gulf Coast. Panther opened its second facility the summer of 2014 in Buckhannon, WV. Panther has the ability to cover directional needs across the entire lower 48.



Panther Drilling Systems will be viewed with the highest opinion for execution at the well site.



Provide the most efficient, safe and cost-effective solutions for our clients’ oil and gas needs through experienced personnel and superior operations.



Panther Drilling Systems is committed to providing our customers with superior drilling services.

Panther Drilling Systems employees are the life-blood of our mission to provide efficient and cost effective drilling solutions. Acting on this belief, Panther strives to hire and retain the most experienced personnel, both at the well site and in the office.

Panther fully understands the constantly changing environment of the industry and we are consistently searching to bring our clients the most advanced equipment available.

Safety and training go hand-in-hand with Panther’s commitment to success. Panther employees are trained above and beyond industry and regulatory standards.