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Muskie Proppant LLC is a producer of custom natural sand proppants using the highest quality Wisconsin substrates for our customers in the oil and gas industry across North America. Muskie is committed to creating quality jobs and a positive economic benefit for the communities we work in. We employ state of the art processes and technology in our fully contained indoor operation so we can offer our customers a quality product, provide our employees a safe place to work, and to ensure our operations are environmentally responsible.



About Us


Muskie Proppant LLC was created to bring to the marketplace a better way to address quality and supply-chain challenges related to the use of proppant in the oil and gas development and exploration industries. With the evolution of horizontal drilling and refined completion techniques, exploration and production companies are utilizing larger volumes of high-grade natural sand proppant. These companies were looking to an alternative to the traditional, large volume commodity focused sand proppant providers. Muskie’s business model was developed to focus on high quality and custom production of natural sand proppant to meet the specific needs of exploration and production oil and gas companies.

Through the leadership and consultation of experienced geologists and petroleum engineers, Muskie targeted Western Wisconsin and its natural resource of the highest quality sand deposits to build our business. Research was completed on the major silica sand deposits throughout the United States. The Cambrian-aged Jordan sand in Wisconsin stood out as the best Northern White based on superior strength, roundness and coarseness. Muskie secured a long-term contract on a substantial Jordan deposit and developed a mine to provide the highest quality sand substrate for processing into proppant. Muskie continues to evaluate various Jordan sand mines in Western Wisconsin to supplement our existing coarse-grained deposit.

As it worked to identify high quality sand products, Muskie also recognized the importance of designing and engineering a quality facility to efficiently and consistently process sand substrates into high quality proppant. A team of engineers led the work to design and build a unique sand plant specifically tailored to the production of the highest quality proppant. The plant was designed as a year-round continuous wet and dry plant operation. Both wet and dry plants were equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Muskie’s plant runs with reduced down time and low staff turnover resulting in consistent high quality products.

Muskie continues to build on our strategy of quality, customer service and understanding of the technical aspects of the use of our products. We routinely work with our partners and customers to improve our products and services. Muskie goal is not to be the biggest producer of proppant but to be the producer of the best!


Mission & Values

Mission – To provide quality sand proppant to our customers while creating quality jobs in a safe workplace, protecting the environment, supporting the community and building shareholder value.


  • Community Involvement – We are part of the communities in which we work, operate and beyond. Our goal is to be excellent corporate citizens and to support the communities in which we live.
  • Collaborative Work Place – Our employees are our most valuable assets. We engage them with mutual respect and in the spirit of cooperation and partnership.
  • Environmental Stewardship – Protecting and respecting the environment and natural resources are a key part of our corporate culture. We strive to exceed regulatory requirements and seek certifications as part of our commitment to the environments in which we all live.
  • Safety – Operating a safe and clean workplace is critically important to protect our employees and our communities.
  • Long-term Economic Viability – Producing the highest quality products at an respectful profit margin allows Muskie to to fulfill our commitments to our shareholders, employees and communities.



Muskie can produce a wide variety of products based on the needs of our customers. We collaborate with customers to develop products to help them leverage the highest long-term production of an oil or gas well. We start by producing a majority of the standard proppant sizes as defined by the ISO/API 13503-2 specifications. These grain distributions can be customized to meet the demands of a particular well or frac stage.

Our superior Jordan substrate exhibits the physical properties necessary to withstand the environments of completion and production of the well. The highest quality raw sand from our Northern White (Jordan) deposit exhibits the highest crush resistance of natural substrates. The deposit yields over 50% coarser than the 50 mesh size which is significantly coarser than most deposits even in the Jordan formation. The chemical composition exhibits over 99% monocrystalline quartz. The shape (sphericity and roundness) and strength result in downhole durability and high conductivity. Our hard, rounded grains reduce wear on pumping equipment that minimizes down-time and completion costs.

Our normal production runs provide natural sand proppant in the following size specifications:

  • 20/40 – standard
  • 20/40 – coarse cut
  • 30/50
  • 40/70
  • Custom Gradations – Due to the flexibility of our plant we offer the ability to make any gradations that our customers need



Industry Served

Exploration and Production Companies – Muskie can produce a high quality product that meets the high conductivity necessary for companies in the exploration and production in the oil and gas industry.

Service Companies – Muskie can produce a high quality product at a competitive price that reduces the wear and tear on equipment, as well as coordinating any logistics so that the product is delivered on time.

Resin Coated – Muskie can produce a high quality substrate that is clean, pure and has high crush strength. In addition we can customize the sand gradations to offer tighter gradations for higher consistency of finished product.


Quality Control

Quality is critical to the performance of natural sand proppant. Muskie continuously looks for ways to monitor and improve the quality of our products. Our plant and operations were designed to ensure the production of the highest quality proppants to meet our customer’s specific recquirements. Our highly automated plant, standard operating procedures, and low staff turnover contribute substantially to the quality and consistency of our products.

Our on-site laboratory is staffed full time to perform quality tests of our production runs. Our technicians complete routine testing throughout the manufacturing process to promote the highest level of quality and consistency in our products. As quality assurance for our customers, we collect and analyze samples from every shipment that leaves our plant (representing every 25 tons of production).

We confirm the quality of our products through the following testing program:

  • Run of mine tested daily
  • Product gradation tested every 3 hours entering the storage silo
  • Gradation sampling, testing and confirmation from every truckload leaving the plant
  • Independent ISO 13503-2 testing every 3 months
  • Conductivity testing completed annually or upon request for annual orders exceeding 100,000 Tons
  • Customer specific test reporting packages available



Muskie realizes that delivery of the right proppant to the wellhead on time is a significant challenge for the customer. Muskie provides an in-house railcar fleet for use in delivering our products and is actively developing end to end logistics solutions into all major basins in North America.

We have an origin transloads on the Canadian National Railway Company(CN), Union Pacific(UP), Burlington Northern Santa Fe(BNSF) and the Canadian Pacific(CP). Origin transloads on multiple railways allow us to provide optimal delivery times at the most reasonable rate.

We have destination transloads in the Utica, Permian, Eagleford and Baken basins, so we can service our customers throughout North America.



Safety & Environment

Natural Resources

Muskie is committed to protecting the environment and preserving our natural resources through conservation and sustainable practices. Exceptional environmental performance is critical to our success and is the responsibility of each Muskie employee. A corporate Environmental Health and Safety Manager oversees the company’s activities to ensure compliance with local, state and federal environmental regulations. Primary to Environmental Stewardship is Muskie’s commitment to maintain compliance with environmental regulations. A state-of-the-art dust collection system ensures sand processing operations have a minimal impact on air quality for our employees and the surrounding communities. Environmental stewardship also involves responsible conservation of our groundwater resource. To the maximum extent possible, water is recycled in our sand processing operations to achieve Muskie’s goal of no wastewater discharges to the environment. Muskie’s processing operations produce no hazardous wastes and biodegradable chemicals are used in processes to minimize possible impacts on the environment and natural resources.



Muskie’s operations will be part of a number of communities in West Central Wisconsin. For Muskie, environmental stewardship includes being actively involved in the communities where we work. It is Muskie’s committment to support and be engaged in the communities where we work and provide support and volunteer assistance with projects and issues that are important and have an impact on the community. Muskie’s commitment to the communities where we work includes ensuring the quality of the air and the water. Muskie’s state-of-the-art dust collection system and water recycling/reuse procedures at our processing plant will help ensure clean air and a clean sustainable water supply for the local community. Muskie uses a variety of communication tools as well as meetings, tours, and other activites to ensure that we keep the communities updated about our company and our operations.



Muskie believes that loss control in all aspects of its business operations, including safety, provides a foundation for a successful business and, at the same time, safeguards its employees to the maximum extent possible. Muskie is committed to identifying potential exposures to loss and developing strategies to stop loss. As part of Muskie’s strategy, effective loss control tools are implemented including loss prevention and loss reduction measures that ensure proper workplace design as well as provide education and training for the workforce. A corporate Environmental Health and Safety Manager oversees the company’s loss control activities related to safety and ensures compliance with the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) regulations or more stringent company policies and procedures. Muskie’s strategy is designed to ensure that each employee has the required knowledge of their responsibilities and the necessary tools to safely perform their assigned duties. This strategy encourages continuous improvement of our workforce while maintaining the desired safety performance for the company.


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