We are an integrated, growth-oriented energy service company serving companies engaged in the exploration and development of North American onshore unconventional oil and natural gas reserves and energy infrastructure. Our primary business objective is to grow our operations and create value for stockholders through organic opportunities and accretive acquisitions. Our suite of services includes pressure pumping services, well services, natural sand proppant services, contract land and directional drilling services and other energy services. Our pressure pumping services division provides hydraulic fracturing services. We believe that the services we offer play a critical role in increasing the ultimate recovery and present value of production streams from unconventional resources. Our complementary suite of completion and production and drilling related services provides us with the opportunity to cross-sell our services and expand our customer base and geographic positioning.

We operate under five main segments including

  • Pressure Pumping Services
  • Well Services
  • Natural Sand Proppant Services
  • Contract Land and Directional Drilling
  • Other Energy Services

Given our integrated service offerings, we are able to control the major aspects of the completion process including Pressure Pumping, Sand and Logistics. This integration has enabled us to drive efficiencies and outperform many of our peers. In addition, our structure allows for a diverse group of customers and promotes cross selling across service lines.

Our operating areas include all of the major unconventional basins in the country. A map of our operations can be seen below.