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Redback Energy Services provides equipment and expertise during the completion and flowback of modern unconventional wells. The services provided include the following:




Flowback and Frac Tree Services

Flowback involves the process of allowing fluids to flow from the well following a treatment, either in preparation for an impending phase of treatment or to return to the well. With yards both in Elk City, Oklahoma and St. Clairsville, Ohio, Flowback has the ability to meet your needs for production testing, solids control, and hydrostatic testing.


Production Testing

Production testing centers around a test of the well’s producing potential.

Key measurements are recorded to determine what’s happening both above and below ground. Production testing and the knowledge it provides allows REDBACK Energy Services to help determine where efficiency can be increased and capital more efficiently directed.


Solids Control

Solids Control is used for well drilling to provide prepared drilling fluids for drilling rig. Solids control offers the benefit of reducing costs throughout the entire drilling process.

REDBACK Energy Services proudly supplies solids control equipment packages to the oil and gas sector, including sand separators and plug catchers.


Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic testing is a procedure in which pressure vessels, such as pipelines, are tested for damages or leaks. This method of testing helps maintain safety standards and increases the durability of the pipeline.

REDBACK Energy Services employs hydrostatic testing at industry standards and will gladly conduct testing to a customer’s desired specifications and configuration.


Torque & Test Services

Torque refers to the force that is applied to a rotary device in order to make it rotate. REDBACK Energy Services provides a comprehensive range of torque services, offering customers the dual benefit of reducing costs on the rig as well as reducing hazards for both personnel and equipment.


Stimulation Manifold Rentals

With an increase in multi-well job sites, REDBACK Energy Services has designed a large bore manifold that allows an operator to alternate work on multiple wells. This feature allows operators to benefit from a decrease in rigging down and rigging up of stimulation equipment, saving time, and allowing a continuous operation.


Stimulation Trees

As an additional service to our customers, REDBACK Energy Services has added the large-bore valves needed to assemble a tree that can be used during completion operations. These valves give access to the wellbore so that completions are done without issue. They are inspected and serviced before, during, and after the job.


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